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Wellington Dentures are specialists in dental implant dentures and affordable denture costs in New Zealand.

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Evan Sallis

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Having fabricated dentures for over 20 years, I can say with full conviction that a lot can be done to provide a patient with a well-fitting set of dentures that is painless in more ways than one.


Do you have dental phobia?

Dental phobia is a real and legitimate fear for many people.


With historical terms like the “murder house” used to describe visits to the dentist, today’s references are less severe due in part to advancements in the field of pain control, quality products, technological advancements and highly trained, professional staff. 


When a new set of teeth is made for a patient who has long since lost his/her natural dentition, the factors determining success are varied and complex.


Age of the patient's existing dentures is important, so too is the level of wear of the teeth, severity of bone resorption, the patient’s medical conditions and adaptability.


All factors have significant impacts. The severity of the patient's bite, the sensitivity of the patient’s lower jaw….even factors as random as, yes, believe it or not, the quality and quantity of saliva. They are all critical to success.


Our experience in this field is your gain. As highly trained clinical dental technicians, our team has dealt with the broadest spectrum of cases and can proudly boast an impeccable reputation.


dentures in apple


Most important elements for successful dentures

The elements of successful treatment are numerous and with years of experience to draw from, we have identified these as some of the most important:


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Patients frequently tell me...


Only my dentist can make a partial denture and only my dentist can make a partial to be fitted immediately after teeth extraction. This statement is untrue...


Over the years our clinic has received numerous enquiries from patients who are under the impression their partial denture MUST be made through a dentist! This is most common among first time denture wearers.


Most noticeably, the patient's oral health has been treated by their general dentist for a period of time. In some instances, the time comes where sadly there is no option but to have the teeth extracted with a partial denture to be made in tandem.


 partial denture


In New Zealand there is a class of professionals known as Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT's). Here at Wellington Dentures, we are CDT's. This effectively means we are experts at making removable dentures.

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Let's face it, many people with dentures... just look like they have dentures!



They just don't look their natural selves anymore.


In fact, in some cases it would be fair to say that while many may have a nicer looking smile, their teeth just don't look natural.


Today, it is becoming more and more important to look your very best.


If you really want a unique, exceptional quality and customised dentures come and find out more about the Best.


Dress to impress and a smile on your dial are the key ingredients for good first impressions even before the handshake seals the initial connection.


You deserve the Best!

Natural looking teeth produce a natural, winning smile that makes you feel good and in turn captures all the right attention when and where it counts.


We truly understand how important that winning smile is to many of our clients which is why we created the Best.

The Best is a denture designed to fool even the most astute observer.


That's how realistic the Best dentures are. No one will think for a moment that you are wearing dentures.


It all starts here...


denture manufacturer



And it ends with…

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If any of my dental technician colleagues had said when we were training, that software would make complicated denture making easy, they would have been mocked. No, not possible, will never happen...blah, blah, blah.

Well, the world has moved on considerably since then and our industry has changed irreversibly. Technology is an integral part of this evolution.

At Wellington Dentures we are always looking at new ways to do things to make our services more attractive to our customers, better, cheaper, more efficient and easier. This endless searching has payed off with our latest discovery:

woman smiling

The world's first CAD/CAM Dentures

The simplified story is that a group of 'bright sparks' have addressed the problems we all struggle with in denture making.


You, the patient, needs to visit again and again, sometimes up to 10 times, to have your dentures made and adjusted.


Many patients (and maybe you are one of them) are either too time poor, or otherwise unable to find time for so many visits.


So you put up with that poorly fitting denture because you can't be bothered spending the time to fix the problem.


The problems worsen and eventually become nearly impossible to fix, at least in some cases.

From our perspective, it is important to get quality information at every appointment that is as accurate and useful as possible. This involves considerable skill, expertise, hand-eye co-ordination and patience. Generally speaking the longer the problem is delayed, the more difficult it is to fix.

We firmly believe that anything that can allow patients to have dentures at a more reasonable cost, in a quicker time-frame and reduce human error, is absolutely a positive development.

Here is a brief background to the development of CAD/CAM Dentures


In 2007, several dental professionals gathered together to find an answer to solve the above mentioned problems.


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The Australian Dental Prosthetists Association recently hosted its Biennial National Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia has approximately 1,000 Clinical Dental Technicians (a.k.a. denture makers such as me). Consequently, it is a strong and vibrant industry with loads of activity.



Given that this event is the premier of its kind in Australasia (and possibly the world?) I had to attend


All the multinationals were well represented touting all the consumables and technology that are well recognised by industry players. It is important to know these guys support the industry but the companies that really get me excited are the innovators. Those clever people that have developed faster, better and unique solutions. The entrepreneur that takes an idea from the garage to become the market leader, deserves respect as these advancements drive competition and cost efficiency.


smiling couple showing new dentures


One trade stand in particular caught my attention as the idea was simple but special


Making a denture is a very time and labour intensive process that involves multiple appointments. This is one of the reasons that dentures are so expensive. However, the system I recently discovered at this conference reduces making a full upper and lower denture to a three appointment process.



This is a breakthrough


Never before has it been possible to create a functional product in so short a period of time.


Of-course, this solution is not possible for every patient and for every scenario


But, for patients whose budgets are limited or who are looking for a low cost denture to replace their existing full upper and lower set, then this solution could well be the way forward.


Here is how it works:

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