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Wellington Dentures are specialists in dental implant dentures and affordable denture costs in New Zealand.

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Having fabricated dentures for over 20 years, I can say with full conviction that a lot can be done to provide a patient with a well-fitting set of dentures that is painless in more ways than one.


Do you have dental phobia?

Dental phobia is a real and legitimate fear for many people.


With historical terms like the “murder house” used to describe visits to the dentist, today’s references are less severe due in part to advancements in the field of pain control, quality products, technological advancements and highly trained, professional staff. 


When a new set of teeth is made for a patient who has long since lost his/her natural dentition, the factors determining success are varied and complex.


Age of the patient's existing dentures is important, so too is the level of wear of the teeth, severity of bone resorption, the patient’s medical conditions and adaptability.


All factors have significant impacts. The severity of the patient's bite, the sensitivity of the patient’s lower jaw….even factors as random as, yes, believe it or not, the quality and quantity of saliva. They are all critical to success.


Our experience in this field is your gain. As highly trained clinical dental technicians, our team has dealt with the broadest spectrum of cases and can proudly boast an impeccable reputation.


dentures in apple


Most important elements for successful dentures

The elements of successful treatment are numerous and with years of experience to draw from, we have identified these as some of the most important:


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Let's face it, many people with dentures... just look like they have dentures!



They just don't look their natural selves anymore.


In fact, in some cases it would be fair to say that while many may have a nicer looking smile, their teeth just don't look natural.


Today, it is becoming more and more important to look your very best.


If you really want a unique, exceptional quality and customised dentures come and find out more about the Best.


Dress to impress and a smile on your dial are the key ingredients for good first impressions even before the handshake seals the initial connection.


You deserve the Best!

Natural looking teeth produce a natural, winning smile that makes you feel good and in turn captures all the right attention when and where it counts.


We truly understand how important that winning smile is to many of our clients which is why we created the Best.

The Best is a denture designed to fool even the most astute observer.


That's how realistic the Best dentures are. No one will think for a moment that you are wearing dentures.


It all starts here...


denture manufacturer



And it ends with…

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Over the years it has been a privilege to work with patients who appreciate the art of denture fabrication. Their support and cooperation has allowed me to develop a truly unique and fully customized product. This exceptional denture has the following unique factors:


The Best Dentures

Multiple teeth shades and shapes are used. Following on from many years of study and experience in dental technology, it is clear that natural teeth are all completely unique. These imperfections and differences are hallmarks of natural dentition. One limitation of same set/same color teeth used in conventional denture fabrication is the unnatural appearance. We have developed a unique system whereby various teeth shapes and mould's are mixed to create a polychromatic appearance. All teeth are sourced from premium manufacturers in Germany and Liechtenstein.
Gingival and tooth staining. Customization of every natural tooth with minute staining, subtle color variations, and  various shades allows for a truly individual appearance. The tooth staining technology originates in Switzerland and is a world leader. 

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If you are considering having dentures made then please read the following exerpt from Wikipedia




"The fabrication of a set of complete dentures is a challenge for any Dentist/Denturist, including those who are experienced... it takes considerable patience and experience for a dentist to know how to make a denture, and for this reason it may be in the patient's best interest to seek a specialist, either a prosthodontist or denturist, to make the denture."




To explain further, a Denturist is a North American term given to professionals such as ourselves, Clinical Dental Technicians. As Wikipedia suggests, our distinct advantages are two fold. Firstly, we ONLY make dentures direct to the public and as such are considerably experienced.


Secondly, many of us fabricate the dentures ourselves in our own laboratories.


Quite frequently when I am preparing a job in the laboratory, my time with the patient dictates the outcome. By having seen the patient directly, it is easier to get the best result at every step.


A Denturist is a trained and licensed professional who sees patients in need of dentures, partials, relines or repairs. A Denturist not only takes the impression, but makes the entire denture in their own laboratory. The Denturist then schedules the patient for delivery of the finished dentures.

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"Can my broken denture be repaired?"

This is the distressed call often recieved from patients.................the answer in 95% of the cases is YES, IT CAN BE FIXEDSmile.

Often denture repairs can be done within one working day, although contrary to popular belief, dental technicians do not just glue the broken pieces together.

The denture repair process has many steps that I would like to highlight in this blog:

1. The two (or more) pieces are temporarily glued together by the technician. It is critical that the pieces are glued together in the correct position or when the repair is completed the denture will be lopsided.

2. A dental stone model or silicone matrix is made of the broken pieces to ensure they can be re-broken, prepared and re-attached at a later date. The technician must take special care to not move the broken piece when pouring this dental model

3. When the stone model has set, the glued pieces can be re-broken, ground and prepared using tungsten carbide and stone burs. Retention grooves are made in the acrylic to help the new material to bond.

4. In the meantime, the stone model is prepared with seperator solution and the broken pieces are re-attached to the stone model.

5. Liquid acrylic is now added to the broken areas of the denture, into the retention grooves and of sufficient thickness to give the new bond strength.

6. The denture is now processed and cured under heat and pressure. Once processed, the denture must be ground, finished and polished to ensure no rough areas cut into the patients tongue.

So............next time your denture breaks, take pity on the dental technician who needs to urgently repair this intricate deviceSmile

My next blog will look at WHY dentures break and WHAT can be done to prevent them from breaking again?

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