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Wellington Dentures are specialists in dental implant dentures and affordable denture costs in New Zealand.

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Clinical Dental Technicians - Who are we?

At Wellington Dentures, our team consists of Clinical Dental Technicians and Dental Mechanics.

This means our scope of practice is specifically oriented around removable dentures. Eight hours a day, five days a week, we fabricate all manner of precision dentures, direct to the public.

Services include false teeth dentures, dental repairs, dental implant dentures, partial dentures and mouthguards. We are New Zealand Dental Council registered professionals combining experience and the latest technologies to deliver that best value premium quality dentures to the NZ denture wearing population.

For more information on our services please visit:


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How much do Dentures Cost - A very frequent asked question?

Very often a potential patient will call me with the following question:

"How much do Dentures Cost?".

It is an impossible question to accurately answer over the phone, for many reasons.

At Wellington Dentures, we are always looking to provide the most economically viable and suitable solution for patients. Factors to consider when quoting include the anatomy and physiology of the mouth, the type and condition of the patients existing dentures, the patients medical condition(s) (if any) and the dental history of the patient's dentures. How old are the patients original set and the expectations and attitudes of the patient need to be considered.

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Wellington Dentures provide complete denture care services........DIRECT to the public.

What denture care services do Wellington Dentures offer the public?

A patient recently visited our laboratory and was surprised, and indeed shocked, that we could provide them with new dentures directly. She was under the impression that it was a requirement that she visit her Dentist direct. Two weeks later upon fitting of a new upper denture she was another happy customer

This is a list of the denture care services that we provide:

EVERYTING to do with your dentures............it's that simple.

We can repair your dentures, make new full, partial, metal free, invisible, chrome cobalt, dental implant dentures, mouthguards, bite splints and bleaching trays DIRECT to the public.


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What are the UNDERLYING reasons for denture fractures?

Why did my denture break?

Fabricating functional dentures involve skilled craftmanship, education, quality materials and patience from all parties.....

A common reaction from patients whose plate has broken is:

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"Why did my denture break?"


That chocolate bar, apple or crunchy pork crackling may have been the cuplrit, but the underlying reasons will be more difficult to explain.


The reasons your denture has broken at the most embarrasing moment are as followed


1. You dropped the plate on a hard surface ...it's that simple. 


Everything about the plate might be in perfect condition but, it shattered on impact. The acrylic resins that most dentures are made out of are actually quite brittle. Most complete dentures will not withstand drop of approximately 1 metre, especially if the floor is ceramic tiles.


2. You were busy chewing away and your upper denture split down the middle...ouch!


Have you noticed that in recent times, your denture is getting looser.


It could be that the alvealar bone and gums have shrunk since the denture was made. the plate will not change it's shape and you strangely finds it "rocking" gently from side to side.  


Most of the shrinkage occurs in the area underneath the teeth hence the denture begins to rock much like a see-saw. Eventually 3 meals a day becomed too much and snap... it's off to the dental technician.


3. The denture is getting old and worn. Imagine for a moment any man made prosthesis that is used for chewing, laughing, speaking and drinking all day, every day for many many years.


Naturally the acrylic thins out and the teeth wear flat. Snap... your now thin and frail denture is in many pieces.


4. Partial dentures create weak points for acrylic dentures.


Quite often acrylic partial dentures snap adjacent to the natural teeth. As the gums shrink the denture begins to pivot slightly on the natural teeth. This is a weak spot!


The unfortunate news is that although an urgent denture repair is required, it is likely that additional treatments will be required to prevent re-fracture.


All these treatments will be discussed in subsequent blogs.


Find out more about our specialist Denture and Dental Implant Dentures skills here: Wellington Dentures



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