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The Australian Dental Prosthetists Association recently hosted its Biennial National Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia has approximately 1,000 Clinical Dental Technicians (a.k.a. denture makers such as me). Consequently, it is a strong and vibrant industry with loads of activity.



Given that this event is the premier of its kind in Australasia (and possibly the world?) I had to attend


All the multinationals were well represented touting all the consumables and technology that are well recognised by industry players. It is important to know these guys support the industry but the companies that really get me excited are the innovators. Those clever people that have developed faster, better and unique solutions. The entrepreneur that takes an idea from the garage to become the market leader, deserves respect as these advancements drive competition and cost efficiency.


smiling couple showing new dentures


One trade stand in particular caught my attention as the idea was simple but special


Making a denture is a very time and labour intensive process that involves multiple appointments. This is one of the reasons that dentures are so expensive. However, the system I recently discovered at this conference reduces making a full upper and lower denture to a three appointment process.



This is a breakthrough


Never before has it been possible to create a functional product in so short a period of time.


Of-course, this solution is not possible for every patient and for every scenario


But, for patients whose budgets are limited or who are looking for a low cost denture to replace their existing full upper and lower set, then this solution could well be the way forward.


Here is how it works:

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Over the years we have seen a pattern emerging in New Zealand where holiday makers are visiting the beautiful country of Thailand for more than a holiday.


It has always been a popular tourist destination for many Kiwis but something else is happening which is interesting… and we think, alarming. As well as having a holiday and enjoying the food and beautiful beaches of Thailand people are also having their dental work and cosmetic surgery performed. A quick ‘nick and tuck’ with a few days recovery on the beach before returning home to New Zealand is now a very normal practice.


beach in thailand


I can't speak for medical procedures, but the team at Wellington Dentures have seen a number of dentures made in Thailand over the years. In every case the patient swore that this particular dentist came "highly recommended" by their travel agent.

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Over the years it has been a privilege to work with patients who appreciate the art of denture fabrication. Their support and cooperation has allowed me to develop a truly unique and fully customized product. This exceptional denture has the following unique factors:


The Best Dentures

Multiple teeth shades and shapes are used. Following on from many years of study and experience in dental technology, it is clear that natural teeth are all completely unique. These imperfections and differences are hallmarks of natural dentition. One limitation of same set/same color teeth used in conventional denture fabrication is the unnatural appearance. We have developed a unique system whereby various teeth shapes and mould's are mixed to create a polychromatic appearance. All teeth are sourced from premium manufacturers in Germany and Liechtenstein.
Gingival and tooth staining. Customization of every natural tooth with minute staining, subtle color variations, and  various shades allows for a truly individual appearance. The tooth staining technology originates in Switzerland and is a world leader. 

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If you are considering having dentures made then please read the following exerpt from Wikipedia




"The fabrication of a set of complete dentures is a challenge for any Dentist/Denturist, including those who are experienced... it takes considerable patience and experience for a dentist to know how to make a denture, and for this reason it may be in the patient's best interest to seek a specialist, either a prosthodontist or denturist, to make the denture."




To explain further, a Denturist is a North American term given to professionals such as ourselves, Clinical Dental Technicians. As Wikipedia suggests, our distinct advantages are two fold. Firstly, we ONLY make dentures direct to the public and as such are considerably experienced.


Secondly, many of us fabricate the dentures ourselves in our own laboratories.


Quite frequently when I am preparing a job in the laboratory, my time with the patient dictates the outcome. By having seen the patient directly, it is easier to get the best result at every step.


A Denturist is a trained and licensed professional who sees patients in need of dentures, partials, relines or repairs. A Denturist not only takes the impression, but makes the entire denture in their own laboratory. The Denturist then schedules the patient for delivery of the finished dentures.

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How has Technology impacted Denture Cost and Quality?

Many of my patients will have painful memories of visiting the Dentists in years gone by. So much so that many wait years and years before visiting the Dentist again.

So how has technology in denture fabrication changed over the years and what does this mean for the patient who is dreading getting that new set of teeth?

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