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Denture Services and Our Affordable Pricing

Urgent dental repairs


No appointment necessary - we guarantee to repair your broken denture ASAP

Denture repair prices: $120 plus

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World's First - Digital Dentures Have Arrived in New Zealand

  • Great news for everyone who wears dentures with the arrival of Digital dentures!New technology has given dental practitioners us an amazing opportunity for all denture wearers that saves you time and money.We are proud to be associated with this ground breaking technology that delivers a perfect set of full upper and lower dentures in just under three visits.Our specially trained technicians will explain how this technology works using laser scanners and computer design software.
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Full (Complete) Upper and Lower Dentures

  • Every individual has specific and particular requirements for their dentures. We combine the latest technology, premium quality materials, significant education and experience to achieve the best results. Every denture is a piece of artwork & we take pride in delivering optimal results.
  • Several different categories of dentures are offered. Factors to consider include patient specific anatomy & physiology, gender, condition of lower ridge/gums, quality of materials, etc, etc. A no-obligation consultation will allow us to provide detailed quotes.
  • Cost of Dentures: $3,500 plus
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Dental Implant Dentures

  • We are constantly working with greater Wellingtons leading Dentists and Oral Surgeons to develop implant supported dentures. This is the crème-de-la-crème of lower denture treatments. Implants are very effective in retaining an otherwise non retentive denture.
  • Titanium "screw(s)" are placed into holes drilled into the bone to approximate the ideal position from which they can support the denture(s).  After several months, the titanium has integrated (attached) into the bone, and the implant is then uncovered and a post which "pokes" through the gums into the mouth is attached to the implant.  The post(s) support an attachment for a denture. The dentures that fit over implants are considerably more expensive than standard dentures; they offer the added advantage of allowing upper dentures to be built in the shape of an arch instead of having to cover the entire palate. This is of special significance to people who otherwise cannot wear full dentures because they make them gag.
  • Dental implant dentures are highly recommended for people who cannot wear lower dentures. As a toothless person ages, and the bone continues to shrink away, lower ridges frequently disappear entirely.  The end result is no vertical bone underlying the gums to stabilize a lower denture.  Sadly, these people frequently cannot wear a lower denture at all.  The addition of two implants in the front of the lower jaw can make it possible to retain a lower denture which would otherwise be impossible for the patient to tolerate. The image on the right below shows a pair of ball attachments on implants. The denture that fits over them is shown in the image on the left.
  • Cost of Dental Implant Dentures: On application.

The "Best" - A Truly Exceptional Denture

Here is a denture that is so realistic we guarantee that no one will ever be able to tell it is a denture. We are that confident! Using the very latest techniques we are able to replicate the natural look of teeth and gums. These are the highest quality dentures you can buy and every detail is covered.

If you want to have the most amazing and real life dentures, enquire about The "Best"

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Valplast, FRS, ThermoSens or “Invisible” Partial Dentures

  • One breakthrough of recent years is the creation of “invisible” metal-free dentures. These prosthesis are easily the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable dentures available. Book a consult to discover if this option is suitable for you.
  • Cost of invisible dentures: $1,800 plus.

Chrome Cobalt, Titanium or Metal Partial Dentures

  • A well designed & fabricated metal partial denture can significantly improve a patients comfort, confidence and oral health. By spreading occlusal or “chewing” forces across the patient’s natural healthy teeth, this option is the crème-de-la-crème of good dental treatment. Incorporating  natural looking & individually crafted teeth to a metal framework can you give a completely
  • Titanium partial denture prices: $2,695 plus

Acrylic or Plastic Partial Dentures

  • The acrylic partial is the most economical denture. This option being suitable if further teeth may need to be added to the plate in the future and/or budget is constrained. All partials are designed to minimize potential damage to existing dentition.
  • Price Range: $1,000 plus

Immediate Upper or Lower Denture

  • Often patients are advised by their Dentist or Oral Surgeon that they require “immediate” dentures. This prosthesis is designed to instantly replace the patient’s natural teeth following single or multiple extractions. This process is often a challenging and emotional one for the patient. 
  • At Wellington Dentures Ltd, we are the craftsmen that create your dentures AND the clinician that expertly ensures all technical and emotional aspects of the procedure are satisfied. Because your denture is not “out-sourced” to any third party dental mechanic, we can create a smile that reflects the way you want to look and feel. Taking time to explain the process, it’s advantages and limitations, is an integral part of the process. Above all else, we listen to you!!
    If you need immediate dentures, you deserve a natural and realistic looking smile.
  • Price Range: $1,750 plus

Ill fittings, loose or painful Lower Dentures

  • Creating a complete lower complete denture that is stable, comfortable and balanced is quite possibly the most demanding and difficult dental procedure. Again and again patients are advised by their Dental Professional…………..”sorry, your lower denture will always be loose”. This has been accepted as a sad reality for some denture wearers who will persevere and learn to live with some uncomfortable and irritating dentures for many years before in desperation they either stop using the dentures or throw it in the trash can!
  • Over the years we have been investigating technologies and techniques to try to help patients with these specific problems. Using one of the three state of the art specialized procedures we can proudly say our success rate is very high.

Soft or silicone liners on lower dentures

  • The bone mass and structure in the lower jaw will shrink and resorb over time following the extraction of teeth. This causes the lower ridge to “flatten” and the nerves inevitably get closer to the gums. In some cases, a soft-liner or silicone liner incorporated into the denture will significantly reduce the rubbing or irritation that is so uncomfortable.
  • Price Range: Additional $347 to cost of denture


  • A revolutionary new product that used a “vacuum” like suction effect to help stabilize the full lower denture. Does not involve surgery. In some instances, it can be incorporated into your existing lower dentures. Book a consult today to determine if this may be the best option for you.
  • Price Range: $800 plus

Biting appleRelines or Rebasing Dentures

  • A patient’s gum will shrink and change over time due to the natural physiological changes impacting the human body. Often a perfectly good and well designed denture will become loose for no apparent reason. In this instance, a reline may be advised.
  • Price Range: $595 plus
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Addition of Teeth to Partial Dentures

  • One treatment modality very common is the addition of a denture tooth when the patients natural tooth (or teeth) requires extraction. It is sometimes possible to add teeth to a partial denture BEFORE the tooth extracted, saving the patient any embarrassment at having a “gappy” appearance.
  • Price Range: $430 plus
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Bite Splints

  • A small percentage of the population suffers from bruxism or teeth clenching while sleeping. This can cause damage and excessive wear to the natural teeth, leading to further oral health complications over time. 
  • A custom made bite splint can effectively eliminate the damage to natural teeth while protecting the oral health of the patient.
  • Price Range: $525 plus
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  • We frequently construct professionally made sports mouth guards. Multiple colours available
  • Price Range: $350 plus
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Our Recommended Denture Cleanser

We have found what we consider to be the very best denture cleanser on the market and you won't find it in supermarkets or pharmacies.

Price $35 for 4 months supply

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Prices are subject to the individual solution for each client. A thorough consultation will be accompanied with detailed written quotes. The $75 fee is deducted if you choose to progress with any treatment offered.