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Complete Upper and Lower Dentures


Colour matchingFabricating a full upper and lower set of dentures requires experience, dedication, knowledge, education, excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to diagnose effectively for each and every client. The process of designing full dentures involves multiple appointments and at every stage it is important to ensure those processes are completed to perfection.


A successful set of full dentures can restore the patients bite and smile and greatly enhance health by allowing better mastication of food. This all allows the happy patient to smile, laugh, wine and dine in confidence.


It is commonly known that successful full lower denture treatment is the most difficult challenge in dentistry. For this reason i have spent the last 10 years attending numerous conferences, lectures and work-shops in NZ and abroad. Our team are also in constant dialogue with industry leaders on-line. This sharing and collaborating allows us to stay abreast of the latest techniques. This knowledge is utilised and incorporated when carefully crafting your premium dentures.


Every individual has specific and particular requirements for their dentures. We combine the latest technology, premium quality materials, significant education and experience to achieve the best results. Every denture is a piece of artwork & we take pride in delivering optimal results. 


The factors we need to consider include patient specific anatomy & physiology, gender, condition of lower ridge/gums, age and condition of the existing dentures, wishes and desires of the patient – yes, it is a challenge!!


Different categories of dentures are offered that vary on price and quality. At Wellington Dentures we believe in ethical health care hence will only give you purely impartial and honest advice.  Our team focus on efficient and effective delivery using state of the art technology has allowed us to become a successful business. Ultimately the decision to progress with any option is yours and we guarantee to never pressure our clients.