One of our specialties is Dental Implant Dentures


We are the industry leaders in new and replacement dentures and also work with dental implant dentures, partial dentures, urgent denture repairs, bite splints for patients suffering from bruxism/ teeth clenching and a whole lot more.

We have developed an exceptional denture that is so realistic that nobody would ever guess that these are false teeth. Ask about “The Best” and see whether this option is right for you.

The bulk of our work comes in the form of referrals from Wellington’s leading Oral Surgeons and Dentists and from our many satisfied patients.

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Life’s too short to be stuck with dentures that don’t fit properly or give you problems. We work with the full range of all possible denture and dental needs – including dental implant dentures, bite splints, and mouth guards. And if you ever find yourself caught out with broken dentures, we also provide urgent denture repairs.

We pride ourselves on our treatment philosophies which are:

  • to provide you with quality, affordable denture care
  • to save you time and money by fabricating your new dentures onsite
  • to listen to your needs and treat you with compassion, understanding and respect




James graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Dental Technology in 2009 and subsequently a post-graduate diploma in 2010 focussing on maxillofacial prosthetics. He then started working the following year while pursuing a Clinical Dental Technology diploma.
As a clinical dental technician, James loves the combination of crafting and evidence-based knowledge behind what he does. He strives to understand his patients’ expectations and needs, navigate through the options available and work together to achieve the best possible outcome by offering genuine care and service. His previous boss used to say “I want the people that come through here to achieve more for themselves when they leave”. James has always kept that in mind with the hopes of passing on that encouragement someday.

James successfully acquired his first clinic in 2017 and is beyond excited and pleased to have expanded to his second in 2021. This has been one of his best personal and professional developments to date.

James is also fluent in both English and Mandarin. When he’s had a busy day he knows his lovely wife, kids and husky are always there for him when he gets home. James also enjoys a good workout session to keep fit and stay active. 


Tina graduated top of her class from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Dental Technology. She is a skilled technician who enjoys the nuances of each denture case. She has a keen eye for detail, is passionate about aesthetics and has an interest in the digital side of dentures. Tina also helps out with the admin side of work so if she’s not in the lab, she’s in the front responding to emails, answering calls and organising anything she can get her hands on. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her partner and their cat, is an avid moviegoer and loves going out for brunch.


Winny graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Technology and a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Dental Technology with distinction from the University of Otago. She has made the move to Wellington after practicing in Hamilton for a while. Winny is great at making patients feel at ease with her lovely smile and friendly demeanour. She loves to get to know her patients so that she can provide the best possible care and make positive changes in their lives. Winny is also interested in giving patients a natural looking smile without compromising on function and enjoys seeing them look and feel good with their new dentures. In her free time, she loves to travel, has a passion for baking and cooking and enjoys doing yoga. Winny is also fluent in Mandarin. 

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