What do dentures look like?

In the realm of dental care, the concept of dentures has been a transformative solution for individuals seeking to restore their smiles and regain functional oral abilities. Dentures, also known as false teeth, have evolved significantly over the years, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re exploring dentures for yourself or are simply …

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Dentures and where can I buy them?

There are many people that searches “Dentures and where can I buy them?” That’s an excellent question and one that is easy to answer! Here at Wellington Dentures, dentures are our speciality. We have clinicians who are specially trained to design and place dentures. So if you’re wondering, dentures and where to buy them? So …

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Who Makes Dentures | Wellington Dentures

Who Makes Dentures?

Crafting Beautiful Smiles: The Art of Making Dentures. Are you or a loved one considering dentures? Whether it’s to restore your smile or improve your quality of life, dentures are an excellent solution for those with missing teeth. But have you ever wondered how these miraculous dental prosthetics come to life? Look no further! In …

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Will dentures fix my overbite

Will dentures fix my overbite?

Kia ora, fellow Kiwis! If you’re dealing with dental issues, you might have heard terms like overjet and overbite thrown around. These terms can be confusing, but fear not – we’re here to clarify them and delve into whether dentures can address the common concern: ‘Will dentures fix my overbite?’” Understanding Overjet vs. Overbite Overjet: …

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Latest denture technology IvoBase delivers superior dentures

What to consider when you need new dentures? Dentures have the unfortunate reputation of being uncomfortable and ill-fitting, particularly if they’re new. For this reason, we can understand why you might be nervous about getting new dentures. With our superior denture technology, there’s no need to worry. At Wellington Dentures, we’re passionate about changing the …

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