A brief story about The Denturist and Wellington Dentures

The Denturist’s denture clinic first started 22 years ago in Jan 2000 and had been restoring lost teeth with dentures for the wonderful local community from Kilbirnie as far as the Chatham Islands and in between! The founding practitioner Sherri had decided at the end of 2016 to retire and pursue her passion for conservation projects, marine health, diving and hiking. It was then a Clinical Dental Technician – James approached the retiring practitioner with great hopes to fill the big shoes about to be left behind. Soonafter, the retiring practitioner decided that she really liked James’ reason, passion and drive (despite not being the highest bidder) to take over what she had cared for and worked for over so many years and in March of 2017, James became the proud, new owner/practitioner of The Denturist.

wellington dentures and the denturist

As many people know, running a business and being employed are a completely different kettle of fish. With a child on the way and down to a single income, days were getting slightly hairy…Thank God for the friendly local dentists, loyal returning customers and James’ previous workplace. There were ups and there downs, fast days and slow days and fast forward 4 years just as The Denturist had planned to expand, COVID-19 reached Aotearoa New Zealand.

Evan, then owner/practitioner of Wellington Dentures had always wanted to return to Spain with family and as COVID slowed the country and whole world to a halt, he’d decided it was the perfect opportunity to retire, and return to Spain and enjoy missed time with family. After interviewing many parties including James. Evan had decided to pass on the baton that he’d been running with since 2006. Despite not being able to outbid other parties for the ownership, perhaps Evan saw a spark and believed that his work and what he’d established would be in good hands! (Interesting side note – Evan and James didn’t know eachother but Evan visited James out of the blue when James first took over The Denturist, introduced himself and said “I’m a fellow Clinical Technician, if you ever need any help anytime…let me know!” )

Which is why some of you may have caught onto something exciting and you’d be correct! Since 2021 The Denturist and Wellington Dentures have been running simultaneously with additions of wonderful and reliable colleagues and we’ve been seeing our delightful patients out of:

Wellington Dentures 1st Floor, 128 Johnsonville Rd & The Denturist at 40 Kilbirnie Cres.
The Denturist and Wellington Dentures are 2 branches of…WELLINGTON DENTURES Ltd. and YES, we continue to offer the same services such as consultations, repairs and relines, partial dentures -be it plastic, valplast or metal (cobalt-chrome alloy). Quality and premium dentures should you prefer something more fancy and of course, implant dentures. We also provide mouthguards, snore guards, splints and other devices.

We’ve grown with technology and technology is important as is technique! We utilise Injection moulding with the Ivobase injection machine paired with either the patented Ivobase Hybrid or Ivocap High-impact acrylic material to provide a high level of accuracy, strength and greatly reduced material shrinkage issues and other errors from traditional flasking and packing with two-part flasks. We proudly use premium quality Vita Excell teeth by Vita Zahnfabrik (Germany) and Ivoclar SDCL/ SPE and Phonares II teeth by Ivoclar Vivadent (Schaan – Principality of Liechtenstein)

Digital dentures, 3D or CADCAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) is not a thing for the future anymore and we’re proud to say that offer digital denture services! We use our 3D scanner to create a virtual model of your mouth with the records and measurements taken and design your next generation dentures with the state-of-the-art technology available to us and from there we could either do a 3D printed denture or have the denture milled by a 3D milling machine Programill PM7.
To add to the digital technology menu, we’ve also been creating metal frames for our metal partial dentures and reinforced dentures with the same state-of-the-art software and these frames have been laser-sintered with the highest purity cobalt chrome manufacturing methods to provide frames with high accuracy and superior properties..

At both locations of Wellington Dentures we believe in providing genuine service with care and It is our passion to provide treatment options tailored specifically for you; all details explained and discussed with you from the beginning and throughout the appointments- No unwanted surprises!
We understand that getting new dentures can be a very big decision, that’s why we’re committed to being 100% transparent throughout the entire process.
Whether at Wellington Dentures or at The Denturist, we stand behind our workmanship..

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