Latest denture technology IvoBase delivers superior dentures

What to consider when you need new dentures?

Dentures have the unfortunate reputation of being uncomfortable and ill-fitting, particularly if they’re new. For this reason, we can understand why you might be nervous about getting new dentures. With our superior denture technology, there’s no need to worry.

At Wellington Dentures, we’re passionate about changing the stigma around dentures and have been helping our patients achieve the perfect smile since 2007.

We know how important it is for dentures to look natural and feel comfortable, which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

It’s our mission to ensure your custom-made false teeth are fitted perfectly so you can smile, eat and go about your life normally, without the fear of pain or dislodgement.

Let’s look at our products and processes to give you a clear idea of how we work our magic.

What sets us apart from the rest?

The reason why dentures succeed or fail comes down to many different things. Whether it’s clinical expertise and patient anatomy, or simply the tools and materials used, there is a lot involved in achieving the perfect-fitting dentures.

We assess every one of our patients with care and individuality.

We know everyone is different and dentures are anything but one-size-fits-all!

Our hard working and dedicated team go above and beyond to ensure we provide the right dentures for each person and pay specific attention to the finer details.

“Very recently I accidentally lost my lower acrylic partial! A local Dentist suggested it would take 10 days for a replacement set to be made. Being too embarrassed to go to work – my role is client facing! – I went on-line and discovered Wellington Dentures in Johnsonville. Evan saw me that afternoon and was able to make a fabulous plate in five days (incidentally for a more economical fee than my Dentist!). I was so grateful and pleased that I have referred a number of other clients to Evan. They are all very happy. ” Mariam, Lower Hutt

In order for us to provide the best service, it’s imperative that we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

In 2016 we invested in Ivobase Precision Press Processing, a state-of-the-art technology that has enhanced denture comfort for our patients even further.

What is IvoBase Precision Press Processing?

IvoBase dentures are different.

With IvoBase denture technology, the material is injected into the void slowly and carefully to retain 100% of the original shape in the finished product. There is no distortion to the model whatsoever.

The precision we observe is mind-blowing!

We’ve always strived for the best, and thanks to IvoBase Precision Press Processing our denture patients are happier than ever before.


IvoBase – quality dentures that last

Denture technology has come a long way in the last few years. Traditionally, when dentures were processed, it involved a “lost-wax” technique.

This involved an acrylic resin being squashed under pressure into two halved flasks filled with a stone void. It was then repeatedly squeezed under hydraulics.

To sum it up, this meant those quality impressions taken by your dentist were distorted and damaged in the manufacturing process.

The “lost wax” technique resulted in ill-fitting and painful dentures for the patient.

But it didn’t stop there.

As the material would shrink when curing, there was no way for the end product to retain its true shape.

The benefits our patients have received from the use of IvoBase speak for themselves.

In addition, IvoBase technology recognises that as the acrylic shrinks, more material is injected. This completely eliminates the possibility of shrinkage distortion.

denture technology

IvoBase dentures are stronger

We only use the best quality hi-impact acrylics in our IvoBase machine. This makes your dentures extra strong and durable.

As the machine continues to add acrylic as it shrinks during processing, the density and resistance to fracture dramatically increase.

Traditional acrylics are prone to breakages, but IvoBase dentures are so strong that of the hundreds delivered since 2016, less than a handful have fractured.

IvoBase dentures are thinner and more comfortable

The strength of IvoBase dentures is so good that they can be made with less material. This enhances comfort and improves the quality of speech for our patients.

IvoBase denture technology cause fewer ulcers and pain

IvoBase dentures are far superior to traditional acrylic dentures. They move less when eating, making it much easier to go about your daily life without having to worry about the position of your dentures. It also reduces the possibility of ulcers and pain.

Due to their comfort and accurate fit, patients adapt to IvoBase dentures much more quickly than traditional acrylics.

IvoBase dentures improve eating ability

If there’s one thing our patients are concerned with, it’s the ease of which they will be able to eat with their new dentures.

We have been amazed at the patient feedback in regards to improved eating!

As the position of the teeth is captured perfectly, we put our expertise into ensuring the dentures are fitted to the highest possible standard.

Patients are able to eat without worrying about dislodgement and therefore, dentures require less professional adjustment.

IvoBase dentures are healthier

Traditional dentures are made using acrylic resins. These are primarily made up of methyl methacrylate resin. If dentures are not cured thoroughly, as is sometimes the case, clinical studies have shown they can be toxic and allergenic.

The IvoBase Precision Processor has a residual monomer removal. This is a specific processing cycle that consistently eliminates the risk of toxicity and allergy.

We take patient health extremely seriously and all our dentures are processed accordingly.

IvoBase is also suited to dental implants

The material used in IvoBase denture technology is also suited for the attachment of dental implants. This means that in many cases we can use existing dentures when integrating with implants, resulting in a lower cost for our patients.

Ivobase gives outstanding results in fit and stability without compromise and is the optimum solution for a variety of patients. You can count on consistent results every time.

We offer the same high level of expertise and respect the individuality of every person we see. Our longevity and reputation will give you confidence that you are in the right hands at Wellington Dentures.

It’s time to remove the scary images of dislodged, painful dentures from our minds. Our team are here to address your concerns and put your mind at ease.

Not only will you leave with the best possible false teeth, but you’ll also never have to fear new dentures again.

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