Evan Sallis discussed how technology has impacted Denture costs

How has Technology impacted Denture Cost and Quality?

Many of my patients will have painful memories of visiting the Dentists in years gone by. So much so that many wait years and years before visiting the Dentist again.

So how has technology in denture fabrication changed over the years and what does this mean for the patient who is dreading getting that new set of teeth?

Major changes have been seen in the quality and ease of impression materials. Today various products, and in particualar alginates, have made taking accurate impressions much more palatable and easier than in times gone by.

Today a huge variety of teeth are available to accomodate all types of bite relationships seen among the denture wearing public. The price and quality of these teeth vary considerably enough to accomodate higher and lower cost dentures.

The knowledge and tools available to more accurately determine the patients correct bite relationships, position of teeth and general masticatory efficiency have improved dramatically.

The acrylic’s and processess involved in curing dentures has also taken massive leaps forward with the advent of injection moulding technology. The benefit’s of using this manner of technology are more accurate, better fitting and stronger dentures.

Dental Implant dentures have never been easier or more affordable and act as a wonderful way in which lower dentures can be improved dramatically.

Our team regularly attends workshops and conferences Australasia wide explaining and demonstrating the latest advances in denture technology.

All these advances mean that that having new dentures made can be a much more pleasant and trouble free process than it may have been many years ago.

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