I am getting my Dentures made in Thailand – it’s cheaper

Over the years we have seen a pattern emerging in New Zealand where holiday makers are visiting the beautiful country of Thailand for more than a holiday.

It has always been a popular tourist destination for many Kiwis but something else is happening which is interesting… and we think, alarming. As well as having a holiday and enjoying the food and beautiful beaches of Thailand people are also having their dental work and cosmetic surgery performed. A quick ‘nick and tuck’ with a few days recovery on the beach before returning home to New Zealand is now a very normal practice.

I can’t speak for medical procedures, but we have seen a number of dentures made in Thailand over the years. In every case the patient swore that this particular dentist came “highly recommended” by their travel agent.

However, the results are not as positive. In every case, the quality of the denture work was unforgivably bad.

In one case the acrylic was poorly cured and resulted in causing excessive allergic reactions to the patient. In all cases, the dentures fractured soon after arrival in New Zealand and this is due to to the low quality of materials used in the denture.

In one case the teeth actually started to fall out of the denture – again, this was due to poor workmanship.

It is important to remember that dentistry in New Zealand is governed by strict legislation and patients are protected to a great extent by the strict rules and regulations set out in Dental and Medical Councils Codes and Practices.

If you do choose to go to Thailand on a fly-in-fly-out visit and have your dentures made while you are there, just remember… in the event of any post service complications or after care service, it’s a very expensive flight to get the problem fixed.

Thailand is a lovely destination but the reality is… it is a third world country.

If you choose to have dentistry work undertaken in any of the undeveloped nations, we believe, in our professional opinion that you are exposing yourself to risk and what could ultimately be more costs to get any problems fixed.

photo credit: WarzauWynn via photopin cc

photo credit: Ian Fuller via photopin cc

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