Lower cost dentures for Work and Income Clients (WINZ)

The Australian Dental Prosthetists Association recently hosted its Biennial National Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia has approximately 1,000 Clinical Dental Technicians (a.k.a. makers of lower cost dentures and a range of denture options such as me). Consequently, it is a strong and vibrant industry with loads of activity.

This is the premier event in Australasia (and possibly the world)

All the multinationals were well represented touting all the consumables and technology that are well recognised by industry players. It is important to know these guys support the industry but the companies that really get me excited are the innovators. Those clever people that have developed faster, better and unique solutions. The entrepreneur that takes an idea from the garage to become the market leader, deserves respect as these advancements drive competition and cost efficiency.

lower cost dentures

One trade stand, in particular, caught my attention as the idea was simple but special

Making a denture is a very time and labour intensive process that involves multiple appointments. This is one of the reasons that dentures are so expensive. However, the system I recently discovered at this conference reduces making a full upper and lower denture to a three appointment process.

This is a breakthrough

Never before has it been possible to create a lower cost dentures in so short a period of time.

This solution is not possible for every patient

But, for patients whose budgets are limited or who are looking for a lower cost dentures to replace their existing full upper and lower set, then this solution could well be the way forward.

Here is how it works:

First appointment

  1. the patient visits with his/her existing set of teeth
  2. I take a duplicate mould of the fitting surface of these dentures
  3. the appointment is over
  4. between this and the next appointment we make a couple of light cured trays

Second Appointment

  1. we measure the Vertical Dimension (i.e. the distance between the jaws). The full arches of the teeth come as one unit and only in one size/shape – this saves the patient a HUGE amount of time and cost
  2. the set of teeth are attached to the light cured tray by specialised putty
  3. the teeth are positioned in the mouth until such time as the position is perfect
  4. this process is replicated with the lower jaw until the teeth meet in the correct position
  5. the patient gets to check the appearance and profile of the teeth at this stage
  6. another impression is taken under the fitting surface of the light curing trays to ensure that the fit is as good as possible
  7. the patient goes home and the technician does the rest
  8. the dentures are then ready for you to collect

Although the above does simplify the process somewhat, the main points are correct.

So, if you know you need a new set of teeth but have limited finance then contact us to find out more about it, or book a consultation with us today and see how we can help.

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