It’s not just your dentist who can make a partial denture

Patients frequently tell me…

Only my dentist can make a partial denture and only my dentist can make a partial to be fitted immediately after teeth extraction. This statement is untrue…

Over the years our clinic has received numerous enquiries from patients who are under the impression their partial denture must be made through a dentist! This is most common among first-time denture wearers.

Most noticeably, the patient’s oral health has been treated by their general dentist for a period of time. In some instances, the time comes where sadly there is no option but to have the teeth extracted with a partial denture to be made in tandem.

Dentures on a hand

In New Zealand there is a class of professionals known as Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT’s). Here at Wellington Dentures, we are CDT’s. This effectively means we are experts at making removable dentures.

Partial dentures are our business

We are highly trained and experienced in both the clinical and technical aspects of partial denture fabrication.

Our on-going education is focused on the latest and most advanced techniques specific to our niche. Most of us work up to 40 hours per week in this vocation.

Significant benefit comes to the client by having a professional, who not only takes the various measurements but also manufactures your plate. If it has been suggested that you the patient, needs a partial denture, we strongly recommend you contact us.

As part of the greater team of Dental Care Providers, we will work in tandem with your general dentist to get the best results.

Numerous dentists across greater Wellington refer patients to our clinic directly for sophisticated and specialised treatment. Your professional dentist will understand why you would like to work with both of us in tandem.

So before you commit to having your partial denture made, come and have a chat with us.

We are always thinking about our patients’ best interests.

To book an appointment call us now on 04 4784747 or fill in the contact form.

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