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Experience the confidence of our undetectably natural, best dentures.

best dentures

Over the years it has been a privilege to work with patients who appreciate the art of denture fabrication. Their support and cooperation has allowed me to develop a truly unique and fully customized product. This exceptional denture has the following unique factors:

Multiple teeth shades and shapes are used. Following on from many years of study and experience in dental technology, it is clear that natural teeth are all completely unique. These imperfections and differences are hallmarks of natural dentition. One limitation of same set/same colour teeth used in conventional denture fabrication is the unnatural appearance. We have developed a unique system whereby various teeth shapes and moulds are mixed to create a polychromatic appearance. All teeth are sourced from premium manufacturers in Germany and Liechtenstein.
Gingival and tooth staining. Customization of every natural tooth with minute staining, subtle colour variations, and various shades allows for a truly individual appearance. The tooth staining technology originates in Switzerland and is a world leader.

Detailed characterisation of the palate and gingival gum. Most dentures are made with flat, highly polished surfaces which look quite unnatural when you smile. We will spend hours incorporating various anatomical surfaces to give your dentures the “wow” factor. This artistry is the culmination of 20 years of experience. The results speak for themselves.

To safeguard these dentures against fracture,  Chrome cobalt strengtheners are incorporated in your specialized dentures. These metal castings are hand-made and are made to link every single tooth into one strong lattice. The bite forces in the mouth are extremely powerful and this is just another way we reduce breakages

All patients are provided with a complete cleaning and care kit for your unique smile.

All of the “Best” dentures come with a two-year manufacturers warranty. As with all denture treatment, standard limitations apply. Time is spent discussing your needs, expectations and involving you in every step of the process. This combination makes for the best result.

A Collaborative Process

We believe in involving you every step of the way. During consultations, we take the time to understand your needs and expectations. This collaborative approach ensures the final product exceeds your desires and delivers the best possible results.

Investing in Confidence

Wellington Dentures’ “best dentures” are more than just replacements for missing teeth. They’re an investment in your confidence and overall well-being. Experience the difference of natural-looking, comfortable, and long-lasting dentures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can create the perfect smile for you.

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