What is the cost of dentures in New Zealand?

This is usually the first thing that you will want to know – how much are my new dentures going to cost me?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. We are all individuals and the truth is that the cost varies for every patient and every treatment type.

You will probably wonder why quality dentures appear to be costly and you might also be wondering how you can get the best dentures on a limited budget.

The average denture is working for you, day in day out, for a period of anywhere between 5 – 10 years and as they replace anatomically missing dental structures they have to be strong to survive the biting, grinding, acids and bacteria in your mouth. They also affect our speech and digestion and support the structure of your mouth. All other people see is a lovely smile, but that’s just one small part of a good set of dentures.

Choosing a dentist on cost alone can often mean cutting corners or using poor-quality materials. Of course you want the best dentures you can get as you want to feel good about yourself when you smile. Nothing worse than pretending not to smile because you don’t want to show your teeth.

It is truly heart-breaking for us when we see patients who have chosen their dental care based on price and then come to us to get them fixed up. Life is too short to be stuck with dentures that don’t fit properly or give your trouble.

Nasty surprises like unexpected extra costs may be a very real possibility once you have seen the dentist and they can finally assess your situation. 

And the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in most cases. 

So, what will new your dentures cost you?

If you think that your dentures are going to be with for 5-10 years it is really one of the most cost effective and important items that you will invest in. And it is an investment in your health, your well-being and the confidence you will feel when you smile.

As we said right at the start, there really is no quick answer and this is why we offer a no-obligation consultation to help us make the right decisions about your treatment and so you can feel completely comfortable with us.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers that satisfy you before you make an informed decision.

Our friendly and experienced team will exceed all your expectations to make sure you are fully versed in all aspects of dentures and know exactly what to expect during the entire process. No surprises equals happy customers and that is what we are all about.

We like to reassure our potential clients by letting them know how we operate and what makes us different from anyone else. We pride ourselves on giving you a top quality service:

We will treat you and your dentures with respect and the utmost attention to detail to give you the best possible outcome

  • We can pass on to our customers competitive costs because we operate an efficient, professional and well organised business
  • You can be assured we will always use high-quality materials

Have a look at some of our patient testmonials for some honest feedback to see what our happy customers say about us. In the fifteen years we have been providing dental services we have only ever had happy clients.

We have never received a complaint. Now that is a testimonial we are very proud of.

Don’t get caught out 

Dentures are a very personal choice and no two people will have the same.

What you will have in common with our other customers is our commitment, our expertise and our desire to make you look your very best –  that’s a promise!

So don’t settle for second best.

Get your dentures right the first time and avoid having to pay even more to have the job fixed or completely re-done. You shouldn’t have to pay twice to get what you want.

If you are after an ethical and quality denture treatment, call us today to book your no-obligation consultation with our friendly team of experts.

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