Will dentures fall out?

Will dentures fall out or won’t they?

Greetings, Wellington’s fantastic folks! We’re here to tackle a question that might have crossed the minds of many denture wearers: “Will dentures fall out?” Fear not, as we embark on a fun journey to unveil the truth about denture stability.

Will dentures fall out

The notion that dentures might have a secret plan to stage a great escape is obviously false! Modern dentures are designed with precision and comfort in mind, meaning they’re crafted to snugly fit the unique contours of your mouth. So, the chances of your dentures going for a spontaneous dive are minimal. It’s always best to have frequent visits at least every 6 months with your dental professional. They will be able to detect possible issues causing current instability or what may cause instability in the future.

Understanding Denture Adhesives

While dentures are custom-made for a secure fit, some folks choose to use denture adhesives for an extra boost of confidence. These adhesives can provide added stability, especially for lower dentures, and help prevent any unexpected wobbles during your daily adventures. Just remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t get too carried away with the adhesive fun!

Common Culprits of Denture Discomfort

Now, let’s talk about the potential culprits that might lead to the sensation of dentures feeling less secure. Changes in weight, natural ageing, or alterations in the oral soft tissues and bone can influence the fit of your dentures over time. If you notice any discomfort or a shift in stability, it might be a sign to schedule a check-up with your friendly denture professional for an adjustment.

An adjustment involves removing some areas of the acrylic that may be causing discomfort and may be causing you not to chew effectively. Altering the way you bite to avoid a sore spot on your denture can often cause instability of the denture. So it’s best to let us have a look.

Relining might also be an option. This involves adding more acrylic to the fitting surface of your denture to make them tighter. It’s best to speak to our clinical dental technicians to see what treatment works best for you.

Fun Tip: Chew on This!

Ever heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect”? Well, the same goes for mastering the art of denture wearing. Start by challenging your chewing prowess with softer foods before graduating to heartier meals. This not only helps you adapt to your dentures but also ensures you’re giving your pearly whites – real and false – the exercise they need!

Feeling a bit wobbly about your dentures? It’s time to take charge! If you’re experiencing any concerns about denture stability or have questions about proper care, reach out to our team at Wellington Dentures. We’re here to make sure your dentures stay where they belong – confidently enhancing your radiant smile!

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