Addition of Teeth to Partial Dentures

Could this work for you?Additional of Teeth to Partial Dentures

When making a partial at Wellington Dentures, we always investigate the health and long term prognosis of the other teeth in the arch. In this way, the partial is designed to allow the addition of teeth if necessary. This saves the patient time and money.

One treatment modality very common is the addition of a denture tooth when the patients natural tooth (or teeth) requires extraction. It is sometimes possible to add teeth to a partial denture before the tooth is extracted, saving the patient any embarrassment at having a “gappy” appearance.

If you have a partial but are missing teeth, it could be possible to fill these gaps without replacing the plate.

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Price Range: $352 plus

addition teeth to partial dentures

“I have worn a metal partial for several years that I have been very happy with. Last month one of the supporting teeth fractured and required extraction. We visited Evan fully anticipating that I would need a new partial.
It was a delight then when Evan explained that a tooth could be added to my existing partial quite easily and inexpensively. This saved us considerable money and I am delighted that the partial continues to work well. 
We have no hesitation in recommending Wellington Dentures to give realistic and ethical advice”.
– Anthony Chan, Wellington.

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