Comfortable Bite Splints for Teeth Grinders


Grinding your teeth?

Have you ever woken in the early hours of the morning with aching jaws? Does your partner sometimes wake you up to tell you “stop grinding your teeth”? Do you chip your teeth regularly and has your Dentist advised you to wear a bite splint?

If so, you may be one of the small percentage of the population who suffer from bruxism or teeth clenching while sleeping.

This condition can cause damage and excessive wear to the natural teeth, leading to further oral health complications over time.

We fabricate comfortable, easy to wear and well fitting splints using state-of the art flexible laminates.

If you suffer from bruxism or wear an existing splint that needs replacing, call us today. A custom made bite splint can effectively eliminate the damage to natural teeth while protecting the oral health of the patient.

Price Range: $350 plus

“My son recently had a number of composite fillings applied to his front teeth. We are delighted with the result and as part of the treatment, it was recommended (by our Dentist) we visit the dental technician directly to make a hard/soft splint. Evan Sallis of Wellington Dentures was highly recommended.
My son has a habit of severe tooth grinding but we are happy to say Evan provided a very comfortable and well fitting splint. Dan (our son) has been wearing this successfully for 6 months and in that time we are proud to say none of his teeth have been damaged. We have no hesitation in recommending Evan for Bite Splint fabrication”

– T Young, Wellington

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