A World first – digital dentures have arrived in New Zealand


Digital Dentures

We are always looking for ways to bring new services like digital dentures to our customers, ensuring cost-effectiveness and time savings.

Procedures that are quick and easy and usually with minimal discomfort.

And up until recently there have not been any major changes in dental prosthetics… until now!

New technology has been introduced to the world of denture making, and we can say it has truly revolutionised the way dental practitioners can now treat their patients.

With these new advances we have the ability to make computer generated dentures and deliver a high quality product to our patients in just three appointments.

This ground-breaking technology changes the face of dentures forever, and enables us to provide a new standard of care for everyone who wears dentures.

We are proud to announce that we are now offering our customers this amazing new service known as digital dentures.

This cutting edge technology has changed the denture fabrication for New Zealand’s public by pioneering the introduction of CAD/CAM and 3D printing in denture processing.

A new and renowned technology using CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) systems, now produces a perfect accurately measured denture.

The process is low cost to the patient and involves fewer visits – saving you two of your most precious commodities – time and money.

Here’s how our Digital Dentures work:

Our specially trained dental technicians now have the technology to create the world’s first digital prosthetics using laser scanners and computer design software.

With this precision software, you can be assured the fit of the denture will be superior to anything fabricated manually – and in only three visits!

Ask us now about how you can get your digital dentures…

Your first visit will consist of creating an impression, bite registration and taking other important measurements.

The second visit will consist of testing the prototype denture.

On the third visit you walk away with your state of the art digitally produced dentures.

Here are some of the many benefits to you?

  1. Reduced appointments
  2. Digital dentures are much quicker to make than conventional dentures
  3. Digital dentures can be made with only three visits
  4. Precision computerised fit for a natural look and feel
  5. Sophisticated software means less human error which means the end result for you – is perfect!
  6. Saves you time with fewer appointments for your new dentures

Who can get Digital Dentures?

Work and Income Clients (WINZ) quotes

Technology allows these functional dentures to be made more economical than conventional dentures. This means your WINZ case officer is more likely to approve your emergency set of replacement teeth – good news for you!

Patients with mobility issues

If you find it difficult to attend all the appointments for traditional denture making and have to rely on family or a friend to drive you backwards and forwards for appointments, then ask us about digital dentures – it will not only save you time but easier on them as well.

In some instances, our patients visit our clinic as they have to have all their teeth extracted! This can be a stressful and anxious treatment for patients that we frequently encounter. It can also be an expensive period as in some cases, the dentures originally made will only have a limited lifespan as the patient’s jaws/gums and bone resorbs and reforms.

With the arrival of digital technologies in Denistry, our team are now able to produce a state-of-the-art, precision fitted temporary denture for a fraction of the cost of a permanent denture! We can combine our experience of treating patients with the added advantage of removing the huge financial strain. This is all to aid our customers during these challenging health events.

Patients needing Immediate Dentures

Read more on Immediate Dentures here:

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Get your smile back and feel confident with digital dentures… in just three easy visits.

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