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Expert Denture Relines & Rebasing: We’re Here to Help

A considerable amount of effort, energy, and time go into fabricating a denture. As many denture wearers will testify, once they have a set of teeth they are delighted with, no one wants to tinker or change it. However, if your dentures become loose and uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our relining and rebasing services, including rebasing dentures, can restore the fit and comfort you desire.

A patient’s gum will shrink and change over time due to the natural physiological changes impacting the human body. Often the denture will become loose, bite efficiency will decrease and the patient will slowly adapt to a poorly fitting and functioning teeth. Rather than visit the dental professional to address the issues, many people wear denture adhesives to keep their plate stable.

The problem with this temporary approach is that a loose denture can cause permanent damage to the underlying gums and in the case of partial dentures, the adjacent teeth. In severe cases, surgical removal of damaged tissue and/ or extraction of abutment teeth is required as part of the long term treatment to rehabilitate oral health.

If you are concerned that your denture will be unrecognisable after this procedure – worry not! Relining of your original dentures will not change the colour, shape and size of your teeth.

If your dentures are loose, don’t delay, call us today. All relines are done using premium quality, high impact and heat cured acrylic for maximum strength.

Price Range: $595 plus

Call us immediately if your plate breaks…we can help!

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