The Best: A Truly Exceptional Denture



For the client who really demands a unique, ultra-realistic, exceptional quality and completely customised denture – we have created the “The Best”.

Occasionally the demands of our clients are such that a special and completely customised approach needs to be taken. This product is for those who want a completely natural looking set of individualised teeth, multi textured and layered acrylic to give the teeth and “gums” the most realistic appearance possible.

We guarantee that no-one will think the end result is a denture. It is that realistic!

The key to success of the “The Best” is working closely with our clients and applying our many years of experience and skills. This is a multi-appointment process which involves these innovative and unique steps:

  1. Multiple teeth shades and moulds are used. Following on from many years of study and experience in dental technology, it is clear that natural teeth are all completely unique. This uniqueness and difference are hallmarks of natural dentition. One limitation of same set/same colour teeth used in conventional denture fabrication is the unnatural appearance. We have developed a unique system whereby various teeth shapes and mould are mixed to create a multi-chromatic appearance. All teeth are sourced from premium manufacturers in Germany and Liechtenstein.
  2. Gingival and tooth staining. Customisation of every natural tooth with minute staining, subtle colour variations, and changing gum shades allows for a truly individual appearance. The tooth staining technology originates in Switzerland and is a world leader.
  3. Detailed characterisation of the palate and gingival gum. Most dentures are made with flat, highly polished surfaces which look quite unnatural when you smile. We will spend hours incorporating various anatomical surfaces to give your dentures the “wow” factor. This artistry is the culmination of 20 years of experience. The results speak for themselves.
  4. Chrome cobalt strengtheners are incorporated in your specialised dentures to give you added security.
  5. You are provided with a complete cleaning and care kit for your unique smile.
  6. All of the “The Best” dentures come with a two year manufacturers warranty. Standard limitations of denture wearers apply and will be explained in full at the consult stage.

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Price Range: P.O.A
Full Upper and Lower Dentures: P.O.A

My home is in Christchurch but I am visiting Wellington often for business. After being frustrated with my present set of upper teeth, which look quite artificial, I opted to find an alternative. After searching on-line extensively I liked the thought a customized set, offered by Wellington Dentures. I promptly booked a consultation with Evan who demonstrated with professionalism the steps involved in crafting a magnificent set of teeth. The end result is fantastic – I am so pleased with my new teeth! It’s quite clear Evan and his team are specialists of the highest calibre!

R. Greenwood, The Mainland, New Zealand

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