Urgent Denture Repairs


Disaster can strike anytime, but our Urgent Denture Repairs can fix it fast.

Rest assured that when the worst happens, we are here to help with urgent denture repairs. When that plate splits in two or a tooth breaks off, don’t despair – it’s usually a same-day job, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

if your denture breaks no appointment is necessary. Bring it down and one of our qualified team will have a look, let you know what can be done in the quickest possible timeframe and give you an exact cost, on the spot! We guarantee to repair your broken denture asap.

Professional advice – do not glue your broken denture!! Often an acrylic partial is glued together by the patient in desperation! This is completely understandable given how important it is for you to smile with confidence.

The key issue with gluing the denture is that very often the relocation of the broken pieces is incorrect. The glue will actually damage and potentially chip the acrylic, but most importantly, once a plate is glued in the incorrect position, it is impossible for the professional to accurately relocate the pieces. The likelihood of a repeat fracture is exponentially higher when glue is involved. This usually means a new set is unavoidable.

No appointment necessary! Book an appointment now at Wellington Dentures

Call us straight away for denture repairs. We are here to help!

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