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Testimonials for Denture Services

Explore testimonials for Denture Services and get a glimpse of what some of our patients say about their experience. It will give you an idea of what it’s like to have your denture work done by us.

I flew up from the deep South to Wellington to get a temporary digital set of teeth made to replace my bulky, ill fitting and uncomfortable set that was only 7 months old. It proved to be very difficult to get a digital replacement done in the South in under 3 months… Desperation led to look in the North and I came across Wellington Dentures (The Denturist) James Chang

Only one problem though. I enjoy keeping fit at the pool and have on a number of occasions found myself in the water on my first length with dentures still in place. After only a couple of weeks, I forget I am wearing them. I do take them out when in the pool as it’s a long way to the bottom to recover them. The lifeguards do enjoy my quick exits to the pull my teeth though!

The other problem is they fit so well I’ve found the only way I can remove them at night is to fake a very large yawn whereupon they simply drop out. Otherwise, I cannot overcome the suction. Thanks again.

Mariam, Lower Hutt

Very recently I accidentally lost my lower acrylic partial! A local Dentist suggested it would take 10 days for a replacement set to be made. Being too embarrassed to go to work – my role is client facing! – I went on-line and discovered Wellington Dentures in Johnsonville. Evan saw me that afternoon and was able to make a fabulous plate in five days (incidentally for a more economical fee than my Dentist!). I was so grateful and pleased that I have referred a number of other clients to Evan. They are all very happy.

R, Thwaites, Wairarapa

Evan made me a full upper plate in January 2014. I  have not had any pain or problems since the careful fitting. He (Evan) made the whole process easy and uncomplicated. A top quality job at a reasonable price. Thank-you Evan.

Gail Hailey, Porirua

All of my teeth were extracted by an over-zealous Dentist when I was 22 years old. Over the subsequent years my lower jaw has collapsed completely to the point that my lower denture now moves all over the place. Evan advised me of dental implants for my lower jaw. Once the implants were placed Evan skilfully fitted the plate to create a stable lower denture. I am so pleased with the results and genuinely wish I had met Evan years ago. Everyone comments on how lovely my teeth look. A fabulous outcome. Wellington Dentures are highly recommended.

Peter Young, Wellington

My Dentist told me that Wellington Dentures were the best team to help with my on-going denture issues. I had been struggling to eat properly for many months when I first met Evan. He highlighted the problems almost instantly and went about making a new metal framework that anchored on my lower teeth. The improvement was instant. I can now eat anything with ease and confidence. The whole process was a pleasure. I can’t recommend Evan highly enough!

K Luck, Wellington

An accident as a teenager left me with two front teeth missing. The only option available then was to have a small denture with a couple of teeth. This was provided by my dentures dentist and has been replaced and updated several times over the years by various dentists and their technicians in the UK and NZ. This year I discovered that it was possible to go directly to a dental technician and have the impressions, construction and fitting done by just one person, Evan Sallis. It has been a completely different experience and so straightforward! For the first time I’ve had a denture made that looks good and is secure and comfortable right from day one.  I’m so pleased.  I wish I had been able to do this years ago. Thanks Evan!

B Taylor, Wellington

At age 83 years indigestion was telling me I needed a new set of teeth dentures.  Fortunately, I heard of Evan Sallis at Wellington Dentures who made me a new set at a very reasonable cost.  I am very satisfied with them and recommend him for a good result.

W Hughes – Wellington

Recently I had a denture made by Wellington Dentures.  This denture replaced one I had had for about 30 years so I had no recent experience of what was involved and in particular dealing directly with the technician doing the work.  I was very impressed by the patience and professionalism shown by Evan Sallis as we went through the process of impressions, fittings and the choice and alignment of the teeth before the finished article was produced.  Initially, there was a bit of discomfort but that disappeared after a few days.  I now have a denture which looks great and feels great, all achieved in a relaxed and friendly environment.  I am a very happy customer who would strongly recommend Wellington Dentures to anyone requiring denture work.

P Kearns – Porirua

Due to the loss of a partial plate which I had had for 50 years, I found it necessary to have dental treatment prior to being fitted for another partial plate. The denture dentist concerned recommended Mr Evan Sallis of Wellington Dentures, Johnsonville as a dental technician – out of my district of residence. I found Mr Sallis to be friendly, reliable, easy to talk with and able to make an experience which was to me, new and unfamiliar, pleasant.  I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a dental technician.

S Redpath, Wellington

Thanks for my million dollar smile!  My teeth dentures fit perfectly thanks to your precision measurements in making my plate.  It is so good to be able to eat correctly and when I smile now my teeth can actually be seen.  “I highly recommend Evan’s workmanship and would not go to anywhere else”.

Norma White, Thorndon, Wellington

Having had dentures since I was 15, I have had many painful experiences with poor fitting dentures causing inflamed gums and not being able to eat properly. In February (2009) I made an appointment with Evan Sallis, a decision I have never regretted. After a professional and through consultation, followed by several unhurried visits and Evan’s detail to his work, I was finally fitted with my teeth dentures. I have not had a moment’s discomfort or needed any adjustment and after previous experiences, I’m absolutely delighted with Evan’s work. I have no hesitation in recommending Evan Sallis of Wellington Dentures for professional teeth denture services.

Testimonials for Denture Services specifically for “The Best”:

R. Greenwood, The Mainland, New Zealand

My home is in Christchurch but I am visiting Wellington often for business. After being frustrated with my present set of upper teeth, which look quite artificial, I opted to find an alternative. After searching on-line extensively I liked the thought a customized set, offered by Wellington Dentures. I promptly booked a consultation with Evan who demonstrated with professionalism the steps involved in crafting a magnificent set of teeth. The end result is fantastic – I am so pleased with my new teeth! It’s quite clear Evan and his team are specialists of the highest calibre!

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